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The production KGPS series of lines of long bar-heating production lines we produced can heat the various specifications of copper bars, steel bars, iron bars, and other non-ferrous metal bar online, which greatly enhance the customer's production capacity, reduce the depletion of raw materials caused by the cold cut. No temperature difference in the core table, slim oxidation while heating and the sentinel control of temperature regulation make the production rhythms adjusted according to customer demand. It is really energy conservation and the degree of automation is high which build a good working environment. It is the ideal heating equipment of non-ferrous metal bar.
The IF heating production lines of the anti-corrosion pipe we pruduced are widely used in the pipe-line heating of anti-corrosion. The advantages of uniform heating ,temperature control and production beat adjustable is the ideal surface heating spraying heating equipment of anti-corrosion pipeline .
The KGPS series of IF smelting equipment of my company provide the clients with the melting furnace and IF power of Volume 5 KG-15T, power 30 KW-5000KW. The advantages of the equipment are the safe operation, energy conservation and environmental protection, adjustable melting temperature settings, controllable melting time. It is the ideal equipment of non-ferrous metal smelting.

The main circuit of the IGBT series of solid power of my company is designed for parallel inverter, with the characteristics of a wide frequency band, huge load adaptability which ensure that all full-power can be started in all conditions. Power from 15 KW ~ 300KW is Widely used in any parts of Quenching through heat, heating pipes, vacuum melting, and so on. It holds the energy conservation and environmental protection, easy operation, and other advantages.
The ZG1g ~ 1000g vacuum induction furnace developed by my conpany is widely used for high colleges and institutions of learning and research in the reasearch and education fields of nano-materials and aviation materials. Small size, low power consumption, noise-free, simple operation and flexible use are the advantages, which make it the preferred laboratory vacuum furnace. At the same time, my company also produces 100 KG ~ 2000KG in large vacuum induction furnacethe with several companies in Jinzhou.
6.The tempering machine for IF, super-audio, linked end-of-fire we developed in 2006 can chain-end, side-5 ~ 10 mm in one time, preventing hardening of chain and a side cracking. At the same time, after quenching with IF, the chain was tempered online by the power of the ultra-audio-linked to 450 ~ 500 ℃ to eliminatethe quenching stress. Chain in quenching is no need to tool around. What it needs to do is to put the chain on the transmission chain through the Permanent automatic positioning. From the feeding to discharging, automation, quenching the speed, depth and power can be set under requirement of the chain-size. The per-minute 200 mm ~ 500mm quenching machine can be designed the length of 2000 ~ 4500 mm, acccording to users requirements. The machine is the most efficient machine in onnecting chain of domestic end-quenching for quenching. The machine tool my company pruduced has been used insome well-known foreign-funded enterprises in China. 

Brief description for quenching machine of Inner-pin caterpillar construction machinery:
Firstly, a typical workpiece size and parameters: diameter φ59 diameter φ37 length L132, Park has been completed quenching. quenching time: 20 seconds, quenching depth: 2 mm, quenching hardness: 48 to 50, single-power: 0.28 KWH (degrees) 
Secondly, the design ideas: 
In the current domestic production enterprises, Inner-pin quenching (φ40 below) is key problem. Some enterprises use two sub-quenching to process. But the result caused a soft zone in the middle part,and the hardness is uneven. The cumbersome tooling is likely to cause the duplication of quenching one end while the other end is leak.The production efficiency is low and the power consumption is high.Recently, the super-audio-quenching machine we developed completed the inner-hole quenching once, the advantages of which is simple tooling, even quenching depth and hardness, high efficiency and low cost. These advantages make no harm to the hardness of the quenching. It is the best set of quenching equipment. The equipment we produced has been used in some well-known foreign-funded enterprises in China.
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